Ponds of Janakpurdham in Nepal

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Any pilgrimage is incomplete without a ritual bath in this pond which has never dried up. According to popular belief, water from the Seven Seas and all sacred places were collected, and this sacred pond called Ganga Sagar took shape.


This pond lies in front of Ram Mandir. It is said that the bow which Lord Shiva had given to King Janak during the Treta Yug was kept at this place for safe keeping, and the pond was built in the shape of the weapon.

ANGRAG SAR, locally called ARAGAJA

This pond lies north of Janaki Mandir. Goddess Janaki, or Sita, used to bathe in this pond after smearing her body with turmeric cream. It is said that a dip in the pond cures one of skin diseases.


This pond lies about 200 m to the west of Shree Janaki Mandir. Sage Parshuram is said to have been absolved of his sin of matricide after taking a dip in the pond. Later Lord Shiva, too, was pardoned for killing Parshuram after a ritual bath in this pond. The temple of King Dasharath, father of Lord Ram, lies on the west bank and the office of the Greater Janakpur Region Development Council on the north bank of this pond.


This pond is to the northwest of Rangabhoomi and Ramananda Chowk. It is said that King Janak used to store jewels in this pond. People say that the bow turns a shining red when observed from one corner of the pond while it disappears after prayers and lighting of the ritual flame by the priests of the local temple.


This pond lies to the northwest of Maharaj Sagar. According to legend, Lord Brahma found himself greatly attracted to his own daughter, Saraswati, Goddess of Learning, who then had to seek refuge with Lord Shiva for protection. Lord Shiva, in his Chhat festival 11 wrath, beheaded Brahma, but the head got stuck to his hand. It was only after Lord Shiva took a dip in this pond that the head of Brahma got detached.


This pond lies to the southwest of Rangabhoomi and Ramananda Chowk. Even after her marriage to Lord Ram, Sita, with her sisters and friends, used to frequent the pond for a bath. The water of this pond is so clean that the people drink straight from it.


This pond lies about half a kilometre to the southwest of Ratna Sagar, where yagyas (offering made to a sacred fire) used to take place during Vedic times. Although comparatively small in size to other ponds, it is very deep.


This pond lies to the south of Shree Janaki Mandir. King Janak and Queen Sunaina are said to have washed the feet of Lord Ram with water here at the time of the wedding. It was only later that a pond took shape.


This pond is located at Pidari Chowk. A ritual bath in this pond absolves one of all sins.


This pond lies to the east of the historical Tirhutiya Gacchi (Garden of Tirhut), once a large orchard of mangoes, rose apples, licchis and guavas in ancient times. A dip in this pond absolves one of all his sins.


It was in this pond that King Janak took his baths.


This pond is in the northeast direction of Vidyapati Chowk. Lord Krishna is said to have appeared thrice in Janakpurdham, where he played the flute (murali), hence the name Murali Sar.

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